What Is The Current State of "Athleisure" In Fashion?

You've heard the term athleisure repeatedly, and if you're anything like us, you've wondered if that's just code for an expensive pair of leggings. Well, it has since evolved, thanks to hybrid lines like FentyxPuma and many more collaborations with artists and athletic brands. Now there's a price and style for every consumer! This holiday season, you'll see even more of it in stores.  From sneakers to form fitting dresses, the genre has expanded into several directions. 

“It’s a different mentality than gym wear. The cadence is different, the colors and design are different. So you can buy a dress shirt today, or even a suit, that has stretch or is anti-microbial. That is a performance characteristic we typically see in activewear. Yoga tights that look more like pants. The world is really blending here” says Matt Powell, a retail analyst with NPD Group.

The category is now raking in $44 billion in annual sales, with activewear sale up 3% from 2015. Vogue wrote that Rihanna’s “oversize motocross-inspired nylon track pants and anoraks were a nice way to push the athleisure trend out of its current spandex comfort zone.”

However, it's being said that the business is so crowded now that, even though demand is still high, supply is too high, and only the best offerings will succeed.

What are your favorite athleisure brands?