Kari Cruz is a brand builder and producer that specializes in sports lifestyle. She's a New York native, who has worked as an assistant stylist, television producer, publicist and marketer. Her expertise has allowed her to work for companies like adidas and MTV and later a partner at the renown streetwear brand UNDRCRWN. Kari has since founded her own label, "Hoops & Skirts", and welcomes the opportunity to creatively collaborate with others in both sports and fashion. HoopsAndSkirts.com is a blog and platform to share her unique designs and experiences in fashion, travel, and basketball. 


"Hoops & Skirts" is a play on words that essentially captures the collective experiences of Kari Cruz's life. She'll be the first to tell you she was born in a pair of hoop earrings and has since made a career out of her passion for basketball (hoops) & style. The brand is an all encompassing view on design, art, travel and fashion as it pertains to the high-end, street and day-to-day athletic lifestyle.  

"It's being limitless in your interests. It's women that shop in the menswear section. It's competing against yourself. It's making up your own rules, because there are none. It's dressing up to go to the gym and then going to a gala in designer hi-top sneakers. It's Jet-setting. It's me and my love letter to the dimension and complexity of every human."- Kari Cruz 


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